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Personal Finance:

80% Behavior
20% Head Knowledge


Getting ahold of your finances can be overwhelming; a financial coach helps.

78% of people in the United States live paycheck-to-paycheck and 66% of Americans would struggle to pay for a $1,000 emergency. These statistics are scary and for many Americans it's a way of life. But it doesn't have to be!

Utilizing a qualified financial coach can help you unravel and fix the issues causing financial stress in your life. We believe that personal finance is 80% percent behavior and 20% head knowledge. We help you with both. We'll work with you one-on-one to guide you through the options in your unique situation. We'll help you build a personal plan to accomplish your financial goals.

Maybe you need help saving or creating a monthly budget. Maybe you have questions about insurance or you're facing a financial crisis. In every situation, we meet you where you are in your journey. We provide understanding, information and most importantly, hope. No matter your age or income, the principles we teach are proven and have helped millions of people (myself included) achieve success and meet their financial goals.

Hans Hoefer
Owner & Financial Master Coach
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Contact us  to be notified about the next  Financial Peace University  class coordinated by Hans & Danae Hoefer at I-90 Community Church.

Contact us to be notified about the next Financial Peace University class coordinated by Hans & Danae Hoefer at I-90 Community Church.


Examples of how we can help!


Approximately 66% of Americans would struggle to pay for a $1,000 emergency. You know the saying, "Save for a rainy day?" Having a cash emergency fund ready and waiting in the bank when you need it puts an umbrella between you and the storm.


Health, Life, Auto, Renters, Homeowners, AD&D, Zombie Apocalypse, (ok we made up the last one) there's so MANY types of insurance! It's so easy to get confused. We can show you what's good and what's not, helping you see what exactly you need.


Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. The most powerful tool in your financial-wrangling-arsenal is a monthly budget! We know budgets can seem daunting, but we can show you how to create a personalized budget that works for you!

Investing for Retirement 

We understand that people want to save. However, building your nest egg can seem impossible or be in the back of your mind when faced with a financial crisis. We will show you how to get your money in order so you can save for retirement and feel secure about your future.


Did you know the average American has over $16,000 in credit card debt? Your income is your most powerful wealth-building tool, sending it out to payments hurts! We can show you how to create a plan to pay off your debt once and for all.

collections & Bankruptcy

Being hounded day and night by collectors or wondering if bankruptcy is the only option can be a really scary place. We can help explain options around collections and a different view that excludes the heartache of bankruptcy.


Your decisions from today forward will affect not only your life, but also your entire legacy
— Dave Ramsey


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